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Prior to the opening of our new Center, The Friends raised funds for furnishings, equipment and other building needs for Ludlow's new Senior Center. 

THANK YOU to the following businesses and organizations who contributed to this campaign.

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Pictured L to R - Etta Brockney, Treasurer of The Friends Building Fund;  Beverly Feicha, President of The Friends; Stephanie Tyburski, Treasurer of The Friends General Fund; Jodi Zepke, Director Ludlow Senior Center.  

We support our own Campaign!  

Joan Cormack, a Ludlow native who passed away in 2013, left a generous contribution to The Friends of Ludlow Senior Center with hopes this might help support the effort to approve a new Senior Center in town.   

This endowment was our first contribution and became seed money for our Building Fund!


Big Y Supermarkets

We are grateful to Big Y for their very generous donation to our New Senior Center Building Fund.  

Big Y is an important corporate citizen in Ludlow and has been a generous supporter of our Seniors.  An important component of the partnership between Big Y and Ludlow's Seniors is Big Y's contribution to Wellness education and programs at the Senior Center.  We are very pleased that this Building Fund donation will support the sponsorship of the new Wellness Clinic space in the new building. 

Our first corporate donation received from

Kapinos-Mazur Funeral Home

Thank You to Kapinos-Mazur Funeral Home for a very generous donation to our New Senior Center Building Fund.  

This is our first corporate donation and we appreciate the support from Maxine Mazur.

The donation is being made in memory of Ed Mazur who many of us knew as a good friend to Ludlow and especially its Seniors.  The Game Room in the new building will be proudly dedicated to the memory of Ed.


Freedom Credit Union 

Thank You to Ludlow's Freedom Credit Union for their generous donation to our Senior Center Building Fund.  

Freedom CU has been a steady friend to the Senior Center with monetary contributions but also with their staff's time commitment at various events.  We appreciate the CU staff's ongoing participation at the Center.   

Randall's Farm & Greenhouse

We thank Randall's Farm & Greenhouse for their generous donation to the new Senior Center Building Fund.  

Randall's has always been generous with gift cards and merchandise in support of The Friends' many fundraising events in the past. 

We very much appreciate their contribution to the Building Fund.  Randall's donation is in sponsorship of the Café Patio, one of the two patio locations in the new building.  


LUSO Federal Credit Union

LUSO Credit Union recently made a generous contribution to Ludlow's new Senior Center.  We very much appreciate their donation. 

LUSO has been a dedicated supporter of The Friends  organization over the past few years as co-sponsors for several of our joint fundraising events.  

LUSO's donation to the new Building Fund is being used to sponsor the exercise equipment for our beautiful new Fitness Room.  

We congratulate them on their recent 50th Anniversary! 

Ludlow Fire Department Social Club 

The Ludlow Fire Department Social Club consists of many dedicated Ludlow Firefighters who go above and beyond everyday duties to raise funds for organizations in need of assistance.

We thank the Firefighters for their donation to our Building Fund. 

This is only one of many ways the Firefighters support our Seniors.  From maintenance of smoke detectors to fire safety events, our Seniors feel the love from Ludlow's Fire Department. 

We appreciate all they do and can't wait to host them at the new Center.



Many thanks to PeoplesBank for their generous donation to The Friends of Ludlow Senior Center Building Fund.

We are fortunate to have a local bank that's new to Ludlow and is already committed to the community and our Seniors. We welcome PeoplesBank to Ludlow and thank them for supporting our new building.

The PeoplesBank contribution is in sponsorship of our beautiful new Café and Coffee Bar. 

Country Bank 

Country Bank has been a long-time, annual-supporter of The Friends of Ludlow Senior Center.  We are very thankful for these donations.  

It is wonderful to have a local bank like Country Bank who knows and understands the needs and priorities of a community. 

Our Seniors very much appreciate this support.   


Nowak Funeral & Cremation Services 

Nowak Funeral & Cremation Services is one of our neighbors just over the bridge in Indian Orchard.

We are honored by their donation to our Building Fund and their support for our new building. 

As a three-generation local business they understand the needs of a community and our Seniors. 

We thank them for their donation and the support they give our families during difficult times.    

Westfield Bank 

Westfield Bank has been serving Western Massachusetts since 1853!  That is just a short time before Ludlow's largest Jute Mill opened in town. 

In 2002 Westfield Bank came to Ludlow.  We are honored to have a business with such deep roots in our area be a donor to our Building Fund and support our new Senior Center.  

Thank you to Westfield Bank for your generous donation.


Ludlow Construction Company  

Ludlow Construction has been a family-owned business for more than 25 years in Ludlow.  

We are grateful for their support of our Building Fund Campaign and thank them for their support of Ludlow's Seniors. 

Ludlow Rotary Club  

Many thanks to Ludlow's business leaders for their donation to The Friends Building Fund via the Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club is a long-time friend to our Seniors with activities such as smoke detector battery replacement, Sand for Seniors, etc.      

We greatly appreciate all they do and for their support of our new building.  

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The Joseph and Anna C Dias Family Foundation 

We very much appreciate the generous support of Ludlow's Joseph and Anna C Dias Family Foundation.  The Foundation does so much for the Town of Ludlow, especially supporting our youth.  We are pleased to be neighbors to the Dias Memorial and Dias Soccer Fields on the State Street/First Avenue corner.  We thank them for their donation in support of Ludlow's Seniors.    

This generous gift is in support of our beautiful new Fitness Studio and will help support exercise programs for our Seniors.   

Interested in joining our list of donors?  Contact us using the form below or call us at 413 583-3564
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