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What's next for new Senior Center? 

There is much planning that will need to be done to move forward with the new Sr. Center.  

The Building Committee will continue to coordinate the project.  The current priorities are 1)  hiring an overall Project Manager - COMPLETE and 2) secure the land - ACTIVE. 

Once these two items are complete we can finalize the design.  The search of an Architect is active.   


The Friends of the Ludlow Senior Center will be helping as needing.   Watch here for more details as they become available.    

Why does Ludlow need a new Senior Center?

  • The current Ludlow Senior Center is located at 37 Chestnut St in the basement of a 110-year-old building.

  • The Town of Ludlow does not own the building and it would be fiscally irresponsible to renovate.

  • The current footprint of the building can't be changed or altered.

  • The current facility is not ADA friendly and has very limited parking.

  • There are HVAC, electrical, air quality, and plumbing issues.

  • There is limited natural light and many windows that don't open.

  • Although the building is 24,000 sq ft, only 10,000 sq ft are usable.

There is simply not enough space for all that the Center currently offers and to accommodate our growing senior population...It's time to get our Seniors out of the basement!

By The Numbers



Over the next 20 years...

  • The overall population growth in Massachusetts will be 11.8% *.

  • The age 60+ population will grow at a phenomenal 64.8%. *

  • Other projections indicate that the 85+ population will also see a dramatic increase as residents live longer.

  • In other words...1 in 3 Ludlow residents will be over the age of 60 and will want to stay in their community.                       *  2017 population data provided by Ludlow Town Census.


Ludlow Senior Center 2016 Statistics:  

  • 24,610  meals served (100+ a day)

  • 11,641 rides provided

  • 300+ daily visits on average

  • 131 volunteers

  • 80 unique events and services

  • 72,447 Center visits overall

What is the Friends Grass Roots Group?    

 A motivated group that is helping to spread the word about the new Senior Center project.  Anyone of any age is welcome to join the  Friend’s Grass Roots Group.

Who's on the Senior Center Building Committee?   

A seven member committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen is currently leading the effort to move this project forward.  Committee members are:  

Jodi Zepke, Sr Center Executive Director

Fred Lafayette, representing the Council on Aging

Bill Rooney, representing the Board of Selectmen

Richard Moskal, representing the Finance Committee

Steve Santos, representing the Department of Public Works

Michael Szlosek and Matias Goncalves, representing the community at large


The committee invites anyone to attend their meetings.

What is a Senior Center?

The Ludlow Senior Center serves as the Town's social service agency that connects older adults, their families, and caregivers to vital community services that assist residents to stay healthy, active and independent in our community.

Why would I need a Senior Center?

If you're under the age of 60, you may not need our services yet, although you probably know someone who does.  From those that are very active and desire a social and recreational facility, to those that use us as the only thing that separates them from being in nursing facility, the Senior Center serves the aging population in all transitional periods.  We serve those with greater financial means, and those whose survival depends upon the resources we provide.  When you need us, we're here for you and the entire Ludlow community.

Instead of building new, why not use an existing Town building, like an old school?

The Senior Center Building Committee explored every option available and it was concluded that an old school cannot be utilized for a Senior Center due to the building codes.  This would simply not be fiscally responsible.  Unfortunately, there are no other available building options.

What impact will this have on my taxes?

The estimated cost for the entire project is approximately $9.8 million.  This equates to about $59 per year increase on the average single family household in town (that's a cup of coffee a week!).  It is worth it for the services the Senior Center provides to our community!

Why don't we apply for grants or donations to fund the project?

Currently, federal and state monies are not available.  The Friends of the Ludlow Senior Center has pledged to fundraise $1 million toward this project.  The "Friends" group is a private non-profit organization that supports the Senior Center through its fundraising efforts. 

2000-2010 population data provided by US Census.


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